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Stainless Steel Case Pressure Gauge SC
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All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge SUS
SUS pressure gauge has various size and installation type for selection. It applicable to measure slight corrosive media that compatible with stainless steel. Particularly used in chemical, petrochemical, food industry, biochemistry and any rush industries.
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Pressure Gauge with Peak Hold Pointer PHPG
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Bimetal Thermometer (Back Mount Type) BTT
BTT back mount type thermometer adopts bimetallic measuring elements with wide temperature measurement range (-50 to 600℃). Stem length and outer diameter can be customized upon request, which makes it suitable for various industrial environment.
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Mini Pressure Gauge (Spiral Tube Type) SSG
The mini pressure gauge is commonly applied in limited space with affordable price. It is suitable for liquid and gas pressure measurement that compatible with connection’s material.
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All Stainless Steel Steam Pressure Gauge SPG-SUS
SPG-SUS All stainless steel pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the steam pressure in the boiler or water tank, can accurately measure the boiler or tank vapor pressure value.
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Stainless Steel Case Micro Pressure Gauge (Liquid-filling Type) MP-SC-L
MP-SC-L micro pressure gauge filled with liquid to provide superior vibration performance and longer service life.
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All Stainless Steel Micro Pressure Gauge (Liquid-filling Type) MP-SUS-L
MP-SUS-L all stainless steel micro pressure gauge filled with liquid, providing excellent anti-vibration performance with long service life.
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High Purity Pressure Gauge HCPG
It adopts vacuum welding, the airtightness is up to 1 x 10-9 Pa·m3/s. It is especially suitable for high cleanliness requirement industry: semiconductor, medical technology, and biotechnology engineering industry.
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Stainless Steel Case Shockproof Pressure Gauge SP-SC
This pressure gauge uses stainless steel dampened movement with excellent shockproof effect. Applicable for vibration but non-oil environment.
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Black Steel Case Refrigeration Gauge F-EPG
F-EPG mechanical refrigeration pressure gauge adopts special dial face with various refrigerants application. It has widely applied in a variety of refrigeration systems pressure measurement, such as air conditioning, refrigerant filling equipment.
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All Stainless Steel Safe Pattern Pressure Gauge (with Blow- Out Back) SF-SUS
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