Digital Transmitter

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    Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Smart Temperature Transmitter STT-2100

    STT-2100 is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible sensor input and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process parameters, configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol.
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    Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

    Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter FDPT-858

    FDPT858 sanitary pressure transmitter is designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for pressure and level measurement or CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization.
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    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter

    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter (Flange Connected Type) ITT-L200 (F)

    ■ Flange connected type, active thread is optional
    ■ Customized stem length and outer diameter, and install a thermoweii is available
    ■ Wide temp. measurement range: -50 to 400℃
    ■ Output signal: 4-20mA
    ■ Temperature measuring elements adopts Pt100, accuracy 0.5%F.S.
    ■ User friendly interface
    ■ Protection level: IP67
    ■ RS485 output is available
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    Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter.png

    Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter SDPT-3351

    SDPT-3351 smart differential pressure transmitter uses 5-digit LCD screen display, HART communication available, great stability and anti-interference with isolate circuit, highest accuracy can up to±0.1%, and it also has alarm, temperature indicator, temperature compensation, and data backup and recovery function.
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    Intelligent Pressure Transmitter.png

    Intelligent Pressure Transmitter AT-PT186

    AT-PT186 intelligent pressure transmitter adopts high accuracy and stability pressure sensor. With 4-20mA standard analog output, it is suitable for high accuracy pressure measurement in industrial environment. The signal is processed by low power consumption microprocessor and high accuracy A/D and D/A.
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    Integrated Temperature Transmitter

    Integrated Temperature Transmitter ATT-202B

    ATT-202B temperature transmitter consists of Pt100 temperature sensor, compensation circuit and switching circuits. It features high stability, temperature sensitivity and reliability. The integrated structure and all-welded design ensure easy installation in most field applications. ATT-202B is suitable for liquid and gas temperature monitor and measurement in industrial process control system.
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    Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter SPT-EP

    SPT-EP pressure transmitter adopts high quality SS316L diaphragm/ceramic pressure sensor. It features 4-digit LCD display. The easy installation and field operation makes SPT-EP suitable in hydraulic, petroleum, chemical, electronical system and auto industrial process control.
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    Differential Pressure Transmitter.png

    Differential Pressure Transmitter (Anti-corrosive Type) DPT-AC

    DPT-AC differential pressure transmitter adopts high quality SS316L diaphragm pressure sensor. With high accuracy and strong anti-corrosive features, it is suitable for petroleum, chemical and electrical industry, air- conditioning system, energy and wastewater treatment system, auto control system and industry process control.
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    4-Digit Micro-Process Mete.png

    4-Digit Micro-Process Meter ATM-GA4

    ■ Multiple input/display type available
    ■ Measuring AC, DC voltage / AC, DC current / 3-wire potentiometer / resistor / PT-100 / load cell
    ■ Max. value hold / data hold / reset function
    ■ 0.8” high brightness LED display
    ■ High stability, non-flammable case (PC), high safety
    ■ Optional waterproof protective case ensuring protection level IP65
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    Integrated Digital Explosion-proof Smart Temperature Transmitter.png

    Integrated Digital Explosion-proof Smart Temperature Transmitter STT-WBS

    STT-WBS adopts thermocouple/thermal resistance as measuring elements, combined with a special circuit to convert the temperature signal of the measuring element into a standard signal output without compensation cable. It is suitable to connect with various instruments and computer system and display reading value on site.
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    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter.png

    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter (Thread Connected Type) ITT-L200 (T)

    ITT-L200 (T) series digital temperature transmitter adopts PT100 temperature sensor, LCD display is optional. It adopts an integrated transient voltage terminal module and can be used in severe surge voltage situations. It is suitable for various industrial temperature measurement and transmission requirements.
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    Integrated Temperature Transmitter.png

    Integrated Temperature Transmitter AT200-WRT

    AT200-WRT integrated temperature transmitter adopts ASIC&SMT signal transmitting module, optional built- in back light and button operation LCD display module. The integrated transient voltage terminal satisfy 4 grade standard (differential-mode voltage 2000V, common-mode voltage 4000V), suitable for harsh surge voltage occasions. It provides a flexible and reliable solution for any temperature measurement applications.