Digital Transmitter

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter SDPT-3351

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter SDPT-3351

SDPT-3351 smart differential pressure transmitter uses 5-digit LCD screen display, HART communication available, great stability and anti-interference with isolate circuit, highest accuracy can up to±0.1%, and it also has alarm, temperature indicator, temperature compensation, and data backup and recovery function.
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Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
Model: SDPT-3351

SDPT-3351 smart differential pressure transmitter uses 5-digit LCD screen display, HART communication  available, great stability and anti-interference with isolate circuit, highest accuracy can up to±0.1%, and it  also has alarm, temperature indicator, temperature compensation, and data backup and recovery function.

■ OEM service
■ Analog / digital signal output: 4-20mA / HART communication (Option)
■ Adjustable zero / span and range setting
■ Display unit: Up to 11 units
■ Highest accuracy can up to±0.1%
■ Alarm function: Activate when output signal is higher than 20.8mA or less than 3.9mA
■ Recovery function: When data is corrupted, user can press the three buttons to recover the corrupted data.
■ Temperature indicator: Display ambient temperature
■ Temperature compensation: Collecting temperature data into the transmitter for temperature compensation.
■ Protection: Circuit protection design, static shock, surge current, and strong overload protection

Main Specifications
▼Pressure connection
Other specifications are available upon request
▼Pressure type
Differential pressure (DP)
High pressure (HP)
Gauge pressure (GP)
Absolute pressure (AP)
▼Pressure range
Please refer to pressure range table
▼Applicable media
Liquid and gas that compatible with pressure connection
▼Operating temperature
-40~85℃ (Standard)
-30~80℃ (with LCD display)
-40~104℃ (filling silicon oil)
-18~71℃ (filling inert oil)
▼Storage temperature
▼Explosion-proof level
Exia II CT6
Exd II BT4
▼Accessories (Option)
T-shaped joint with M20*1.5 male thread
(See dimensions at page 2. )
Installation bracket:
Tube bent bracket
Plate bent bracket
Tube flat bracket
Board-mounted bracket

Other Specifications
▼Screen display
5-digit LCD display with backlight
▼Display unit
kPa, mA, %, ℃, mmH2O, MPa, Pa, mbar, atm, psi, Torr
▼Analog signal output
4-20mA (2-wire)
▼Digital signal output (Option)
HART communication
▼Max. output current
▼Power supply voltage
≧18.5V (for HART comm.)
▼Operating range
▼Loop load
≧250Ω for HART comm.
<1 year
±0.1% /±0.2% /±0.5% /±1%
▼Transmission distance
About 1,500 m (Connecting wire diameter >0.6mm)
50Hz (For more details see *1)
▼Damping value
0~32 seconds
▼Temperature effect
Please refer to temperature effect table
About 4kg
*1: 50Hz, double amplitude: 0.2mm, which lasted 2 hours vibration limits and under the measurement range vibration <0.075%
*Mounting position effect: Transmitter mounted position tilted 10°, the error value should be less than one-third of pressure range limit or 200Pa at the top.