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Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter FDPT-858

Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter FDPT-858

FDPT858 sanitary pressure transmitter is designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for pressure and level measurement or CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization.
Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
Model: FDPT-858


FDPT858 sanitary pressure transmitter is designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, which is  uitable for pressure and level measurement or CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization.

■ OEM service
■ Compact design
■ High quality SS316L welded process diaphragm
■ Filling fluid comply with hygiene standard
■ A variety of international standard process connections are available
■ Double diaphragm overload protection structure can easily cope with high overload test
■ Isolated air cavity design to prevent condensation and pollution
■ Friendly button parameters operation function with high display speed.
■ 160 pressure calibration points to assure high measuring precision.
■ Roughness of stainless steel surface Ra≤ 0. 4μm, conform to international sterile standard.
■ 3A, explosion-proof, CE certificate

Main specifications
▼Pressure connection
Please refer to pressure connection selection instruction
▼Electrical connection
Aviation plug - M12*1 (4-pin)
Vertical / Horizontal mounting
▼Pressure range
Min.: 10kPa
Max.: 3MPa
Please refer to pressure range selection instruction
▼Applicable media
Viscous. Paste-like, adhesive, crystallizing, particulate containing and contaminated media
▼Oil filling
Silicone oil / Sanitary fluid
▼Operating temperature
-40 to 85℃
-20 to 70℃ (with LCD display)
▼Storage temperature
-40 to 110℃,
-40 to 85℃ (with LCD display)
▼Fluid temperature
Sanitary fluid filling: -10 to 180℃
-10 to 250℃(with heat exchanger)
Silicone oil filling: -45 to 205℃
-40 to 300℃(with heat exchanger)
▼Protection level
▼Explosion-proof class
Exia II CT4 (GB13, 1139X)
3A, CE certificate

Other Specifications
Stainless steel
Waterproof design
▼Output Signal
4~20mA (2-wire linearity)
▼Power supply
Standard: 10.5-55VDC
With HART: 16.5-55VDC
▼Load resistance
250-600Ω (HART)
▼Transmission distance
< 1000 meters
▼Power consumption
≤500mW@24VDC, 20.8mA
▼Insulation resistance
> 20MΩ@100VDC
▼Damping time
Amplifier: 0~100S (adjustable)
Startup after power off: ≤6S
Normal services after data recovery: ≤31S
±0.2% / ±0.5%F.S. (@20±5℃)
(Including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
±0.2% F.S./year
▼Temperature drift
±0.2% F.S./10K (@-20 to 80℃)
▼Vibration effect
Vibration resistance: 10g (25-2000Hz)
Shock resistance: 500g/1ms
▼Operating pressure
Max overpressure 15MPa
About 0.6kg