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Smart Temperature Transmitter STT-2100

Smart Temperature Transmitter STT-2100

STT-2100 is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible sensor input and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process parameters, configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol.
Smart Temperature Transmitter
Model: STT-2100


STT-2100 is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible sensor input and  output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process parameters, configuration of  various parameters, communication with HART protocol.

■ Various flexible sensor input: RTD/Thermocouple/Resistor/Multi-volt
■ Analog/Digital signal output: 4-20mA/HART communication
■ Superior performance: Excellent accuracy, long-term stability, high flexibility and reliability
■ Adjustable parameters: Sensor type, number of sensor input wires, zero/span, unit, fail-mode, trim, etc.
■ Self-diagnostic function: Sensor, A/D converter, memory, power, etc.
■ With auto temperature compensation
■ Various certifications available upon request

Main specifications
▼Sensor input type
1. RTD Pt100 (2/3/4wire)
2. Thermocouple (Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S,T)
3. Resistor (Ω)
4. Millivolt
▼Sensor position
Horizontal type/Vertical type
▼Process connection
1/2”-14NPT (F)
Other specifications available upon request
▼Electrical connection
1/2”-14NPT (F) with M3.5 screw terminals
▼Temperature range
Please refer to table 1
▼Ambient temperature
-40 to 85℃ (without condensing)
-30 to 80℃ (with LCD module)
▼Ambient temperature
-40 to 85℃ (without condensing)
▼Ambient humidity
▼Protection level
▼Hazardous location certifications (options)
Maker standard (IP67)
Flameproof Exd II CT6
Intrinsic safety Ex ia II CT5
ATEX flameproof
FM & FM Canada explosion-proof
FM & FM Canada intrinsic safety

Other Specifications
▼Electronics housing
Epoxy coated aluminum
▼Signal output
Analog: 4-20mA
Digital: HART communication
▼Power supply
Voltage range: 12 to 45VDC
Voltage rating: 24VDC±30%
▼Loop load
0 to 1500Ω for operation 250 to 550Ω for HART comm.
Input / output isolated to 500Vrms (707VDC)
Please refer to table 1
▼Sealing O-ring
RTD: ±0.12% F.S. / 2 years
Thermocouple: ±0.12% F.S. / 1 year
▼Ambient temp. effect
±0.05% F.S./10℃
▼Power supply effect
±0.005% F.S./V
1.2kg (standard set)