Pressure Gauge

High Purity Pressure Gauge HCPG

High Purity Pressure Gauge HCPG

It adopts vacuum welding, the airtightness is up to 1 x 10-9 Pa·m3/s. It is especially suitable for high cleanliness requirement industry: semiconductor, medical technology, and biotechnology engineering industry.
High Purity Pressure Gauge 
Model: HCPG

HCPG High purity pressure gauge has 2 levels of cleanliness to meet various requirements and it is cleaned by ultrasonic pure water. It adopts vacuum welding, the airtightness is up to 1 x 10-9 Pa·m3/s. It is especially suitable for high cleanliness requirement industry: semiconductor, medical technology, and biotechnology engineering industry.

■ OEM service
■ Cleaned by ultrasonic & pure water
■ Vacuum welding adopted
■ Specially designed for semiconductor, medical technology and biotechnology engineering
■ Two level cleanliness: AP/MP
■ Airtightness can up to 1 x 10-9 Pa·m3/s
■ N2 is used to purge the surface of pressure gauge, seal package tightly MP level adopts PET vacuum sealed package

Main Specifications
1.5”, 2”
▼Installation type
Bottom mount (A) / Back mount (ADC) / Back mount with flange (BDC)
PC, O-ring sealed
▼Pressure connection
Material: SS 316
1/4”BSP (=G)
1/4”VCR (M/F)
Fixed thread/Swivel thread
▼Pressure range
Gauge pressure▼
0 to 350 bar
Compound pressure▼
-1…0 to 24bar
▼Applicable fluid
Liquid and gas that compatible with SS 316
▼Ambient temperature
-40°C to +60°C
▼Fluid temperature
▼Protection level

Other Specifications
▼Cleanliness level
For more information please refer to cleanliness level table
Aluminum with black enamel
▼Dial face
Blue and black scale
▼Measuring elements
Bourdon tube
Material: SS316 / SS316L / SS316Ti
▼Protection design
Blow out back
Stainless steel
▼Operating pressure
Stabilization 3/4* full scale
Fluctuation 2/3* full scale
Impulse 1* full scale
▼Other requests (Option)
Third party notarized documents
Inspection report
Customized dial face (scale, color)