Digital Pressure Gauge

High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD)

High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD)

DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD) high precision digital pressure gauge adopts imported precision pressure sensor and internal precision temperature compensation sensor, with accuracy up to 0.05%F.S. and excellent stability. DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD) an be used as standard calibrating digital pressure gauges, and also can be applied to pressure field display in chemical, hydraulic, petroleum and other industrial environments.
High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge
Model: DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD)


DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD) high precision digital pressure gauge adopts imported precision pressure sensor  and internal precision temperature compensation sensor, with accuracy up to 0.05%F.S. and excellent  stability. DPG-0.05B4.5 (5CD) an be used as standard calibrating digital pressure gauges, and also can be  applied to pressure field display in chemical, hydraulic, petroleum and other industrial environments.

Main Specifications
4.5” (120mm)
▼Installation type
Bottom mount
▼Pressure connection
Material: SS316
Other thread spec. are available made-to-order
▼Pressure range
0…10kPa to 600bar
Negative pressure▼
-760 to 0mmHg
▼Applicable media
Liquid and gas that compatible with SS316
▼Ambient temperature
0 to 50℃
▼Ambient humidity
▼Atmospheric pressure

Other Specifications
▼Screen display
5-digit LCD display with blue backlight
Display range▼
▼Refresh rate
4 times/sec.
▼Power supply
AA battery x3
▼Pressure unit
MPa, bar, kg/cm2, mmH2O, mmHg, psi
±0.1% F.S. (standard)
±0.05% F.S. (options)
▼Other requests (Option)
Third party notarized documents
Inspection report
Customized dial (Brand, scale, etc.)
Thread adapter: adapt to other threads RS485 output