Digital Transmitter

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    Integrated Temperature Transmitter.png

    Integrated Temperature Transmitter AT200-WRT

    AT200-WRT integrated temperature transmitter adopts ASIC&SMT signal transmitting module, optional built- in back light and button operation LCD display module. The integrated transient voltage terminal satisfy 4 grade standard (differential-mode voltage 2000V, common-mode voltage 4000V), suitable for harsh surge voltage occasions. It provides a flexible and reliable solution for any temperature measurement applications.
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    Smart Pressure Transmitter with Display.png

    Smart Pressure Transmitter with Display SPT-ED-460

    SPT-ED-460 is a high accuracy and stability smart pressure transmitter. It adopts oil-filled sensor and ADI chip with microprocessor technology. SPT-ED-460 features field display, RS-485 or HART digital output, data process, zero & span adjustment, which is suitable for accurate fluid pressure measurement.
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    3051 Pressure Transmitter PT-LD3051

    PT-LD3051 pressure transmitter applied to liquid and gas pressure, level or destiny measurement and transform measured pressure into 4-20mA signal output. PT-LD3051 can directly communicate with computer to achieve electrical configure and monitor.
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    Pressure Transmitter with Display.png

    Pressure Transmitter with Display (General Type) PT-CD

    PT-CD Pressure Transmitter with Display adopts diffusion silicon chip as pressure sensor. The in-built process circuit transform mV signal to standard voltage and current output, and display pressure reading through LCD display unit. The high stable pressure sensor and high performance circuit ensure PT-CD can transmit signal from remote distance.