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    Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter SPT-EP

    SPT-EP pressure transmitter adopts high quality SS316L diaphragm/ceramic pressure sensor. It features 4-digit LCD display. The easy installation and field operation makes SPT-EP suitable in hydraulic, petroleum, chemical, electronical system and auto industrial process control.
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    Clamped Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter.png

    Clamped Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter FDPT-500 Series

    FDPT-500 adopts a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor with the flush diaphragm as its measuring elements. The blind space has been eliminated to prevent impurity or viscosity generated. The features make FDPT-500 transmitter suitable for the sanitary required environment such as food, pharmaceuticals, and wine industry.
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    Melt Pressure Transmitter.png

    Melt Pressure Transmitter PT-HTM Series

    PT-HTM Series melt pressure transmitter transfer pressure into non-interference amplified signals including 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, which could be directly input to position machine.
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    Differential Pressure Transmitter.png

    Differential Pressure Transmitter (Anti-corrosive Type) DPT-AC

    DPT-AC differential pressure transmitter adopts high quality SS316L diaphragm pressure sensor. With high accuracy and strong anti-corrosive features, it is suitable for petroleum, chemical and electrical industry, air- conditioning system, energy and wastewater treatment system, auto control system and industry process control.
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    Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact

    Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact (Explosion-proof Type) MS-APS-5000X

    MS-APS-5000X pressure gauge adopts SDPT micro switch. Compared with other electrical contact, MS- APS-5000X has superior indication accuracy, set point accuracy and repeatability, which is suitable for pressure measurement, monitor and auto control.
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    4-Digit Micro-Process Mete.png

    4-Digit Micro-Process Meter ATM-GA4

    ■ Multiple input/display type available
    ■ Measuring AC, DC voltage / AC, DC current / 3-wire potentiometer / resistor / PT-100 / load cell
    ■ Max. value hold / data hold / reset function
    ■ 0.8” high brightness LED display
    ■ High stability, non-flammable case (PC), high safety
    ■ Optional waterproof protective case ensuring protection level IP65
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    Intelligent display unit.png

    Intelligent display unit AT-LCD11

    LCD intelligent display unit with 3 buttons design enables field parameter adjustment. This rotatable 350° display unit is suitable for all 4-20mA transmitter field readings display and pressure control.
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    Signal Isolated Transmitter.png

    Signal Isolated Transmitter (5-digit analog input display type) SIT-5AID

    ■ Measuring AC/DC voltage, current, potentiometer, resistance, transmitter, PT-100, load cell and other signals are available
    ■ Highlight 0.4”5-digit LED display, decimal point can be set by user
    ■ Surge test of AC 2000V/min between any 2 of input / output / power
    ■ Output corresponding range can be set by user
    ■ Case material adopts flameproof PC for high stability and security
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    Temperature Recorder.png

    Temperature Recorder TR

    Recording principle - chart paper rotation to drive record pen recording temperature. Single (standard) and dual (option) pen temperature record.
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    Digital Temperature Switch.png

    Digital Temperature Switch DTS-4ED(0.5)

    DTS-4ED(0.5) digital temperature switch is equipped with two sets of switch output and LED screen display, which integrates temperature measurement, display, and control. DTS-4ED(0.5) adopts high precision sensor. After the output signal is processed by an amplifier, it is sent to the high precision analog-digital converter, which can be converted into the digital signal suitable for the microprocessor. The temperature of the control system is measured and controlled by the digital signal, which is suitable for hydraulic, petroleum, chemical, mechanical and other industrial environments.
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    Remote Reading Temperature Switch.png

    Remote Reading Temperature Switch (Water Proof Type) TS-3000SR

    TS-3000SR remote reading temperature switch adopts SPDT micro switch, features max. current 5A and NEMA 4 / NEMA 4X waterproof protection, which is suitable for temp control in high current environment.
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    Bottom Connected Temperature Switch.png

    Bottom Connected Temperature Switch (Water Proof Type) TS-3000SA

    TS-3000SA bottom connected temperature switch adopts SPDT micro switch, features max. current 5A and NEMA 4 / NEMA 4X waterproof protection, which is suitable for temp. control in high current environment.