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    DPG-A70 _2_.png

    Mini Air Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-A70 series

    DPG-A70 mini air digital pressure gauge has 3 product types available (compound / vacuum / positive pressure), adopts 4-digit, 7 segment LCD display with 2 colors (red & green) for main display, and orange for sub-display. It is suitable for limited places and applicable to filtered air, non-corrosive and non- flammable gas measurement.
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    Mini Air Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-A60 Series

    The 1”econmic digital pressure gauge is suitable for pressure measurement in limit space.
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    DPG-A2.5 _2_.png

    2.5”Digital Air Pressure Gauge DPG-A2.5

    DPG-A2.5 small size digital pressure gauge is designed for air pressure measurement, suitable for general industrial application.
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    Digital Air Pressure Gauge DPG-A3.0

    ■ OEM service
    ■ Air vacuum test digital pressure gauge
    ■ Protection level IP65
    ■ Connection laser welding
    ■ Protective rubber case
    ■ Accuracy 0.5%
    ■ Auto power off design
    ■ Maximum pressure value record
    ■ Rubber case provides better protection (option)
    ■ 4-20mA, PNP/NPN signal output available (option)
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    High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-X1

    DPG-X1 high precision digital pressure gauge features wide pressure range and highest accuracy can up to 0.02%. With anti-corrosive adapter can resist strong acid and alkali.
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge DPG-CW0.1

    DPG-CW0.1 digital precision pressure gauge adopts high tech piezoresistive silicon chip pressure sensor. The output signal will be processed through a high accuracy and low temperature drift amplifier then processed by a high accuracy analog to digital converter. The signal will be transformed to digital signal which microprocessor can process, and allows LCD screen to display the calculated value. DPG-CW0.1 is specially design for high precision pressure measurement such as pressure gauge calibration.
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge (Economic Type) AT805A

    AT805A digital precision pressure gauge is suitable in field and laboratory pressure measurement and calibration. The economic type is an ideal choice to replace mechanical pressure gauge or transmitter.
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge AT211SH

    Apply to calibrate pressure / differential pressure transmitters, general / precision pressure gauges, other precision pressure gauges measurement
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge DPG-H3.5

    ■ OEM service
    ■ High accuracy - up to 0.05%
    ■ 5-digit LCD display with backlight
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge DPG-H4.5RS

    DPG-H4.5RS digital precision pressure gauge adopt high/low aging & temperature compensation technology to ensure its accuracy and stability.
    DPG-H4.5RS is suitable in field calibration for precision/general pressure gauge & sphygmomanometer.
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    Digital Precision Differential Pressure Gauge AT803-D

    The accuracy of AT803-D digital precision differential pressure gauge is up to 0.05%, which is suitable for
    high precision micro differential pressure measurement such as on-site and laboratory pressure measurement and calibration.
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    Digital Refrigeration Gauge FDPG-2.5

    FDPG-2.5 digital refrigeration gauge can simultaneously display pressure and saturation temperature on LCD screen. FDPG-2.5 is suitable in pressure and temperature measurement for noncorrosive refrigeration, liquid and alcohols.