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    High Precision Pressure Recorder

    High Precision Pressure Recorder AT802

    AT802 pressure recorder features high accuracy, large memory capacity, and wide pressure range. Suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, HVAC applications, environmental monitoring, food standard monitoring and food storage.
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    Intelligent pressure calibrator

    Intelligent pressure calibrator IPC-801

    IPC-801 intelligent pressure calibrator features high accuracy in pressure, voltage and current measurement. IPC-801 is suitable in calibrate general/ precision pressure gauge, pressure and differential transmitter, pressure adjustment valve and pressure switch.
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    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge

    Digital Precision Pressure Gauge (Peak Value Recording Type) AT805C

    AT805C digital pressure gauge with high precision pressure measurement is suitable in field and laboratory pressure measurement and calibration.
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    Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

    Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Pressure Transmitter FDPT-858

    FDPT858 sanitary pressure transmitter is designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for pressure and level measurement or CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization.
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    Temperature Switch

    Temperature Switch (Explosion-proof Type) TS-3000X Series

    TS-3000X series temperature switch adopts SPDT micro switch, features max. current 5A and explosion- proof protection, which is suitable for temperature control in high current environment.
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    Mini Pressure Transmitter

    Mini Pressure Transmitter PT-S

    PT-S series mini pressure transmitter adopts piezoresistive silicone chip as measuring elements. The in- built circuit can transform mV signal into standard voltage and current output, which is suitable for using with computer, control equipment and display unit.
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    High Pressure Transmitter

    High Pressure Transmitter PT-HP

    PT-HP High pressure transmitter adopts metallic strain as measuring element. PT-HP is designed for high, ultra-high pressure and high impact frequency environment.The special integrated design ensures PT-HP features high stability and reliability.
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    Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter (For Car Industry) PTX-C

    PTX-C pressure transmitter adopts high strength thick-film ceramic with application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. It can apply to bad environments such as high/low temperature, high vibration, thermal shock, mechanical shock and chemical pollution.
    PTX-C is mainly used in automatic transmission hydraulic pressure measurement.
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    2-Valve Manifolds

    2-Valve Manifolds (Remote Installation Type) 2VM-RI

    ■ Forged all-in-one structure provides high strength and durability
    ■ With one bleed valve and one block valve, enabling easily block, bleed and calibrate the static pressure, transmitter, or gauge.
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    Digital Pressure Switch

    Digital Pressure Switch DPS-L131

    DPS-L131 is a high performance digital pressure switch adopts monocrystalline silicon sealing technology and integrated design. The sensor is located on the top of the body, away from the media contact surface, with mechanical isolation and thermal isolation and other functions. DPS-L131 can be applied to the extreme chemical environment, mechanical load and electromagnetic interference and other harsh industrial pressure measurement and control requirements.
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    Digital Pressure Switch

    Digital Pressure Switch DPS-ED3.0

    DPS-ED3.0 digital pressure switch integrates alarm, control and signal output in one design, which is suitable for industrial process control in the hydraulic, pneumatic, energy and water treatment system.
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    Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

    Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter FDPT(MP)-Series

    FDPT(MP) series flush diaphragm pressure transmitter adopts flush connection design. The blind space has been eliminated to prevent impurity generated, making FDPT(MP) series transmitter suitable for corrosive or viscous media pressure measurement.