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    Plastic Case Pressure Gauge ABS

    ABS plastic case pressure gauge has various size and installation type for selection. It applicable to measure slight corrosive media that compatible with connection’s material.
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    All Stainless Steel Thermo-manometer TMG-SUS

    Integrated indication for pressure and temperature design, reducing space and cost.
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    Stainless Steel Case Thermo-manometer TMG-SC

    Integrated indication for pressure and temperature design, reducing space and cost.
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    MP-SUS _聯成_.png

    All Stainless Steel Micro Pressure Gauge MP-SUS

    MP-SUS pressure gauge is suitable for slightly corrosive media micro pressure measurement in sanitary required environment.
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    Solid Front Pressure Gauge (Phenolic Resin Type) SFPC

    SFPC pressure gauge adopts special material phenolic resin. Its solid front design ensures operator’s safety makes it suitable for industrial environment needs high safety standard.
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    Black Steel Case Pressure Gauge EPG

    Basic screw fixed type black steel case pressure gauge, with multiple choices of size and installation type, applicable for measuring noncorrosive media that compatible with copper alloy.
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    MDH-90EXC _1_.png

    Differential Pressure Gauge (Magnetic Piston Type) MDH-90EXC

    Differential Pressure Gauge (Magnetic Piston Type)
    Model: MDH-90EXC

    ■ OEM service
    ■ Adopts magnetic piston as measuring elements
    ■ Optional diaphragm as measuring elements with aluminum case available
    ■ Wide pressure range application: Micro/low/medium/high pressure
    ■ Full scale reading have been calibrated to ensure its high accuracy

    Main Specifications
    2.5”, 3”, 4”, 4.5”, 6”
    Safety glass
    ▼Installation type
    Left-right side mount (LR)/
    Bottom mount (A)/
    Back mount (AD)
    ▼Connection material
    Magnetic piston▼
    Aluminum alloy
    ▼Pressure connection
    Size: 1/4”,1/2”
    Type: BSP (F), NPT (F)
    Other thread specifications are available, please specify
    ▼Differential pressure range
    0…9 to 100 psi
    (Minimum measureable pressure 25mmAq available upon request)
    ▼Applicable fluid
    Liquid and gas that compatible with stainless steel
    ▼Liquid-filling (option)
    Glycerin/Silicone oil
    ▼Ambient temperature
    0°C to +60°C
    ▼Fluid temperature
    ▼Protection level

    Other Specifications
    ▼Ring material
    ▼Ring mount
    Outside bayonet
    Snap-in for size 6”
    Magnetic piston▼
    Aluminum alloy
    Aluminum with black enamel
    ▼Dial face
    All black scale
    ▼Measuring elements
    Magnetic piston/Diaphragm
    Stainless steel
    3% (option: 2%)
    ▼Static pressure
    ≤100bar (option: 200/400bar)

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    Low Temperature Level Differential Pressure Gauge LDPG-LTHP

    LDPG-LTHP low temperature level differential pressure gauge is suitable for non-viscous crystallization, liquid and gas medium level measurement compatible with copper alloys, and is generally used in low temperature equipment, filter equipment monitoring, pump monitoring, closed pressure storage tanks and other places in the refrigeration industry.
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    Black Steel Case Shockproof Dry Pressure Gauge SP-EPG

    SP Series pressure gauge adopts diaphragm as measuring element to ensure great shockproof performance. SP series are suitable for high vibration frequency environment with use no oil requirement.
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    Aluminum Case Solid Front Pressure Gauge SF-0.5AC

    SF-0.5AC pressure adopts aluminum case with stainless steel measuring system. The solid front design is reinforced at the front, providing a blow-out back safety case design. A solid partition wall between the front of the gauge and the Bourdon tube system will redirect the released energy to the back of the gauge in which the blow-out back of the safety case design redirects any lose parts or media to exit through the back of the gauge.
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    ECS _3_.png

    Pressure Gauge with Electrical Contact (Sliding Switch Type) ECS

    ECS pressure gauge with contact has buzzer alarm function, the indicator light flashing and relay can be added to control and ensure the safety of pressure operation.
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    ECM _3_.png

    Pressure Gauge with Electrical Contact (Magnetic Snap-action Switch Type) ECM

    ECM pressure gauge with magnetic snap-action switch contact SPST is used to control the connected facility, ensuring field safety operation.